MHRD Scholarship - 2013:

  a) Instructions for MHRD Scholarship 2013 applicants
  b) Income limit for MHRD Scholarship
  c) Notification
  d) Selected Student List - Fresh Batch

  Scholarship - 2013 First Renewal:

    1) Notification on Online Application for Ist renewaL
    2) Hand Book for Online Application
    3) Video-1 for Online Application
    4) Video-2 for Online Application
    5) Video-3 for Online Application

  Scholarship - 2013 Second Renewal:

    1) Notification & Application Format for IInd renewal
    2) Submission of Markscard for Applying IInd renewal 2013 MHRD Scholarship
    3) Consideration of attested Provisional Marks Cards for applying MHRD Scholarship

  Scholarship - 2013 Third Renewal:

    1) Notification & Application Format for IIIrd renewal