(See Rule 14 & 24)



Sl. No.

Date  of appli- cation for quarrying lease/ licence

Date on which the Application is received by the receiving Officer

Name of the applicant with full address (Permanent)

Revenue land/ Forest/ Patta/ Private& correspondance) land










Particulars of applied area

Name of the District



Village/ Forest Range


Extent in acres

Minor mineral














Particulars of the amount paid

Final disposal of the application together with No. and date of order.


Signature of the Officer








  (See sub-rule(3) of Rule 9,21, Sub-rule (4) of Rule 34)



                   LEASE / QUARRYING LICENCE


Received one application for ..................(name the  minor  mineral) in  Sy.No...........  Extent.............(Revenue land/Forest  land/Patta land in.........Village, of  .......taluk  of.......... District from Sri/M/s................ on (date)...................


 Enclosures are as follows:













Place:                                                                               Signature of the

                                                                                Competent Authority










(See Rule 42)



(in short, PERMIT)





1. I/We submit an application for PERMIT

   for ___________________(mineral from

   the area described below):


2. i) Name of the applicant stating

      whether he or it is an individual,

      firm, company or society.


3. Address of the applicant:


4. Minor Mineral for which the PERMIT is

   applied for (name the minor mineral

   specifically as given in the license/

   lease deed; otherwise, in case of

   granite state whether it is a black

   granite dyke, green granite dyke,

   pink granite, pink porphyritic granite,

   Multicolour granite, Grey granite,

   Grey porphyritic granite, yellow granite etc.,


5. Quantity to be removed under the permit.

   (a) No. blocks (How many)

   (b) Length x breadth x height of each block

   (c) Cubic meters of each block

   (d) Total volume in

   (e) Tones

   (f) Square meters


6. Whether royalty on the material has

   been paid, if so, give details.

   (a) Demand draft No________Date_________


7. Details of the area from which the

   minor mineral is to be removed.

   a) Village/Forest Range:

   b) Survey Number/s:

   c) Quarry lease No:

   d) Quarry license No:



8. Stock at the Quarry Head:

     a) At the end of previous month;

      No.of blocks & volume in

   b) On the day of submission of

      this application; No.of blocks

      & volume in

9. Whether the minor mineral is to be

   transported from any other Stock

   yard other than the quarry; if

   so give the following details:

   a) Location of the Stock yard

   b) Whether the mineral is covered

       under royalty/PERMIT? If so give details.



   a) For export through Mangalore/

       Madras/any other.

   b) For domestic consumption:

       If so give the name of the place/Taluk/District.

   c) If for a granite cutting &

      polishing unit name the unit with address.


11. Is the quarry held under a

      Court order: if so furnish details:

    a) W/P No........Date of order(enclose certified copy)

    b) Location of the quarry, survey No.

       extent, village, taluk, District,

       patta/revenue/ for etc.


12. Is this application is for renewal

    for PERMIT ? If so give valid reasons.


     I/We/am/are fully aware of the rules and shall abide by them.


                                                                     Yours faithfully,



Date:                                                        Signature of the applicant/


N.B. If the application is signed by an authorised agent of the applicant, the power of attorney should be attached.

 (To be filled in by Office of the Officer granting the permit)

1. Date of grant/refusal of permit:

2. Period of grant:

3. Quantity for which the permit is valid:

4.Royalty paid: Rs_____________DD No_______________Date__________

5. Permit No._________________Date____________________

6. Details of entry in the quarry permit register:




                                                    Signature and Designation of Officer



Department of Mines and Geology


  (See Rule 9,21,33 & 34)



      LICENCE FOR ____________(Name of the minor mineral).

 (To be submitted in duplicate with sketches in triplicate)


       Received at _____________ (place),on __________(date) and entered in the Register

(FORM-QLA), Vol.No._______ at serial No. ____on page No________.



                                                                 Signature and

                                             Designation of receiving officer.



















         I/We submit an application for grant of quarrying lease/ license for quarrying _____________(minor mineral) for a period of _________ years over an extent of ____________ acres of land  in the area specified in this application.


         A total sum of Rs. __________ being the security deposit calculated at Rs.___________ per acre and Rs.________ being the application fee has been paid to Government vide D.D No/ Challan No_______ dated________ for Rs._________________ and Rs. ___________ respectively.


The required particulars are given below;


1. Name of the applicant with permanent

   and correspondence address in full.


2. Is the applicant a Government company/

   Firm/Association or Registered  cooperative society.




3.  a) Names of the Directors/Members

       and their Nationality.

      (use a separate sheet.) 

    b) Nationality of the individual



4. Place & address of registration of

   the Company/Firm/Association/

   Registered Co-op society.


5. Profession or nature of business

   of the applicant.


6. Minor mineral which the applicant

   intends to quarry (If it is any

   type of granite, description

   of colour and texture/structure

   be given in brief).


7. Period for which quarrying lease/

   license is required.


8. Details of the area applied for :





Survey No.

Extent of Applied area











       (to be supported by)

   (a)Ammonia print of Village plan of forest land

      in triplicate, on scale 1" = 660 ft. or 1"=330 ft.

      showing the area applied.

   (b)R.R extract in  original. (State clearly

     whether it is patta/revenue/forest land)

   (c) Certified copies of documents to establish

              that the applied area is a pattaland in

              ex-Mysore State territory and before the

              promulgation of KLR Act 1964 and that the

              applicant has full owner-ship rights in the

              minor mineral found in the applied area.


      (d)Certified copies of documents to establish

         that the applied areas is a pattaland held

         in ex-Madras territory now comprised in

                Karnataka and the land was granted before

         1964 and that the applicant has partial ownership

         rights in the minor mineral found in the applied area.


9. Particulars of areas, mineral wise,

   already held under quarrying lease

   or license or under court order

   in individual capacity or partner/

   Director/ member of any company/

   Firm/ Association/Registered

   Co-operative society.





Survey No.

Extent of Applied area












10.  Particulars of areas, mineral wise,

     already applied for  quarrying lease

     or license in individual name or as

     a partner/ Director/ member of any

     company  / Firm /   Association /

     Registered Co-operative society.





Survey No.

Extent of Applied area












11. If the applicant, on the date of

    application does  not  hold any

    quarrying lease or license  for

    quarrying or any area under court

    order an affidavit to this effect

    should  be furnished  with this



12. Proposed method of quarrying and



    (a) Mechanised/quasi Mechanised/



    (b) Investment in accordance

        with (a).


13. Whether the applicant is the owner

    of an existing granite cutting and

    polishing unit established in the

    State of Karnataka.

    If so furnish details regarding:


    a) Name of the Unit.


    b) Date of establishment .


    c) Location and address of the unit.

       d) Capacity of the unit in terms of

       production in square meter per

       annum and total requirement of

       granite blocks expressed in

       cubic meters per annum.


14. Whether the applicant is the owner

    of a S.S.I. Granite cutting and

    polishing unit in the State. If so

    furnish details regarding the

    following with supporting documents:   

     a) Name of the Unit.

     b) Date of establishment .  

     c) Location and address of the unit.

     d) Capacity of the plant in terms

        of production. In square meter

        per annum and total requirement

        of granite blocks expressed

        in cubic meters per annum. 


15.  Whether the applicant holds a

     license for establishing 100%

     E.O. granite cutting and

     polishing unit in the State

     of Karnataka.

     (Enclose copy of the certificate.)


16.  Whether the applicant holds a

     permanent S.S.I. Registration

     Certificate.  If so furnish

     details with copies.   


17.  Whether the applicant is the

     owner or has any proposal to

     establish any mineral based

     industry in the state: If so

     furnish details such as the

     capacity, location etc.

     as regards;


        (a) Stone crusher

        (b) Brick manufacturing kiln

        (c) Tile manufacturing kiln

        (d) Stone ware unit/Hollow

            brick manufacturing unit

        (e) Lime burning unit

        (f) Any other


18. Financial resources of the applicant;

    (Furnish Banker's credit certificate.)


19. Any other particulars which the

    applicant wishes to furnish.


      I/We hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and am/are ready to furnish any other details, plans sketches etc. as may be required by you.


                                                                           Yours faithfully


Date :

Place :                                                     Signature of the applicant.




Note: 1) If the application is signed by an authorised agent, the power of attorney should be attached.

          2) Delete whichever is not applicable.



  ( Seen Rule 21A (1))

Application for a quarrying permit

Received at

( Place) on

Signature of receiving Officer.

            Dated the









I / We submit an application for a quarrying for


( mineral from the area described below).




The required particulars are given below:

whether he or it is an individual, firm, company or society.




Name of the applicant



Nationality of the individual or place of registration or in-corporation of firm of company or society.



Profession of the applicant.




Address of the applicant.




Minor Mineral for  which the quarrying permit is applied for.



Quantity to be removed under the permit.




Whether royalty on the material has been paid; if so, give details.




Details of the area from which the materials are to be removed.




a)        Village/ Forest range.

b)       Survey Number.

c)        Whether a quarry exists in the area

d)       Whether the applicant worked in the area previously.




Period of validity of the quarrying permit.




Has the applicant any quarrying lease or quarrying permit in force? If so, please give details.




Purpose for which the mineral is to be used. Give full details.




 Is a plan of the area enclosed? ( The plan should be on the relevant  portion of the cadestral village map so as to be identified from surface features, etc).




If the land is an occupied land, has occupant’s willingness been ascertained and his letter of consent enclosed?




If the land is an agricultural land, has the permission of the revenue authorities been obtained for converting the same for non-agricultural purposes? If so, please give details.





I/We/am/are fully aware of the rules and shall abide by them.


                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,



                                                                                                    Signature of the applicant.





NB:  If the application is signed by an authorised agent of the applicant,  the power of Attorney 

        should be attached.



            ( To be filled in the Office of the Officer granting the permit).


1.                                          Date of grant/refusal  permit.

2.                                          Period of grant.

3.                                          Quantity for which the permit is valid.

4.                                          Royalty paid.

5.                                          Details of entry in the quarry permit Register




                                                                            Signature and designation of  Officer.










For Specified Minor Mineral/Non-specified Minor Mineral



Registered No......................................


Name of Lessee/Licensee............................


Date of grant......................................










(Specified Minor Mineral/Non-specified Minor Mineral)


     The INDENTURE made this of .........199 BETWEEN  THE GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA, (Hereinafter referred  to  as the "State Government" which expression shall, where the  context so  admits  be  deemed to include his successors  in  office  and assigns) of the one  part  and when  the  lessee/licensee  is  an individual.


1.1.               When the lessee/licensee is an individual :

     1. (Name of person)..........................of (address and  (1)-(1)when the lessee/   occupation............................licensee is an individual of (address and occupation)............   ...................................(hereinafter   referred   to  as  "the   lessee/licensee"   which expression  shall, where  the  context so  admits,  be  deemed  to include  his heirs, executors, administrators, representative  and permitted assigns).


2.2.               When the lessees/licensees are more than one individual :

      1.  (Name of person)..............................of ( address  (2)-

      (2) When the lessees/licensees  and occupation)..............        are more than one individual        and (Name of person).........  ........................of(address and occupation).............of address and occupation .......................................and(2) (Name of person) ...................(hereinafter  referred to  as  "the lessee/licensee" which expression shall,  where  the context  so admits, be deemed to include their respective  heirs, executors,  administrators, representatives and  other  permitted assigns).


3.3.               When the lessee/licensee is a registered firm or Syndicate :

     (2)  and (3) (Name of person)................. and (name  of person) of .....................of (address)............and (Name    (3)-(3) when the lessee/licensee   of person) a registered firm or Syndicate  of (address)..................all  carrying on business in partnership at (address of the  firm or syndicate)........................ registered under(Act  which registered).......................(hereinafter  referred  to   as "the lessee/licensee" which expression shall, when the context so admits,  be deemed to include all the partners of the  said  firm their  representatives,  heirs,  executors,  administrators   and permitted assigns).


4.4.               When the lessee/licensee is a registered company:

     (3)  and  (4)  (Name  of   Company)........................a company registered under (Act under which incorporated)..........         (4)-(4) the lessee/licensee    .........and having its registered is a registered company.       office at (address)...............

(hereinafter   referred   to  as  "The   lessee/licensee"   which expression  shall,  where  the context so admits,  be  deemed  to include ,its successors and permitted assigns). (4) of the  other part.


     WHEREAS   "the  lessee/licensee  has/have  applied  to   the Competent  Authority concerned in accordance with  the  Karnataka Minor  Mineral Concession Rules 1994, hereinafter referred to  as the   said  Rules)  for  a  quarrying   lease/quarrying   license respect of the lands described in PART I  of the Schedule hereunder written and has/have deposited  with the State Government the sum of security; AND WHEREAS  the  Competent Authority, Dept.of Mines and  Geology  has communicated his approval to the grant of this lease/licence.


     NOW THIS LEASE WITNESSETH that in consideration of the rents and royalties, covenants and agreements by and in these  presents and  the schedule hereunder written reserved and contained and on the  part  of” the  lessees licensees" to  be  paid  observe and  performed,  the  State  Government    hereby  grants   and   demises  up  to"  the

lessee/licensee"     comes     all     those     the quarries / mines / strata / veins /  streams       and       beds       of  the scheduled refers to as the said minerals situated, lying  and being  in or under the lands which are referred to in Part  I  of the  said  schedule,  together with  the  liberties,  powers  and privileges  to  be exercised or (enjoyed in  connection  herewith

which  are  mentioned  in  PART II of  the  schedule  subject  to restrictions  and conditions as to the exercise and enjoyment  of such liberties, powers and privileges which are mentioned in PART  III of the said schedule EXCEPT and reserving out are the  demise up to  the State Government the liberties, powers  and  privileges mentioned  in PART IV of the said Schedule TO HOLD  the  premises hereby  granted and demised up to "the lessees/licensees from  the of............years  hence  next ensure YIELDING AND  PAYING   of up to  the  State  Government  the  several  rents  and  royalties mentioned in PART V of the said Schedule at the respective  times herein  specified subject to the provisions contained in PART  VI of   the  Schedule  and   the   lessee/lessees/Licensee/Licensees hereby/covenant/covenants  with the State Government as  in  PART VII  of  the  said Schedule expressed and  the  State  Government hereby  covenants  with the lessee/lessees in PART  VIII  of  the Schedule  is expressed AND it is hereby mutually  agreed  between the  parties  hereto  as  in PART IX  of  the  said  Schedule  is expressed.


     IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF these presents have  been  executed  in manner hereunder appearing the day and year first above written.  The Schedule above referred to






     All that tract of lands situated............. (village/town) description    of    area    or     areas) (Mahal/Taluk)      in..........the     Registration      District of.........Sub-district.....and   District................bearing S.Nos/F.S.Nos/Forest  Coup Nos) ..............containing an  area of...........thereabouts  delineated  in plan hereto  annexed  and

there on coloured.............and bounded as follows:


   On the North by

   On the South by

   On the East by

   and On the West of


hereinafter referred to 'the said lands'












1. To  enter upon land and search for mine work etc.,

   Liberty  and power at all times during the  term  hereby demised to enter upon said lands and to search for, mine, quarry, bore dig, drill for win, work, dress, process, convert, carry away and dispose of  the  said  mineral,  minerals.

2.To sink drive and make pits shafts and inclines etc.,

Liberty and power for or in connection with any  of  the purposes mentioned in this part to sink,  drive, make,  maintain and  use in  the said lands  any  pits, shafts, inclines, drifts, levels, water ways and other works.

3.To bring and use machinery, equipment, etc.,                  

Liberty and power for or in connection with any  of  the purposes mentioned in this to erect, construct and  maintain  and use  on  or under  the said lands any   engines,  machinery  plant  dressing-floors,  furnaces, coke  ovens,  brick-kilns  work-shops,  store-houses, bungalows, godowns, sheds  and other buildings and other works and conveniences of the like nature on or under said lands.


4. To make roads and ways etc., and use existing roads and ways.

Liberty and power for or in connection with any  of  the purposes mentioned in this part to make any  tramways,  railways, roads  and other ways in or over the and   said lands  and to use, maintain and go  and  repass   with  or   without horses,  cattle, wagons, locomotives or other vehicles  over  the same  (or any existing tramways, railways road and other ways  in or over the said lands) on such conditions may be agreed to.               


5. To get building and road materials etc.,

Liberty and powers for or in connections with any of the purposes  mentioned  in  this part to quarry  and  get,  ordinary building  stone  and  gravel  and  other building  and  road   materials  (except that  of specified minor minerals) and ordinary clay and  to  use and  employ the same and to manufacture such ordinary  clay  into bricks  or tiles and to use such bricks or tiles but not to  sell any  such  material,  bricks or tiles  on  payment  of  royalties prescribed in the said rules.

 (Bracketed portion to be deleted in cases the  lease/licence is for specified minor mineral)


6. To use waters from streams etc.,


 Liberty and power for or in connection with any  of  the purposes mentioned in this part but subject to the rights of  any existing  or  future  lessee/ licensee and with the written permission.........................(any  officer authorised by the State Government in that  behalf) to  appropriate  use of water from  any  streams,  water-courses, springs  or other sources in or upon the said lands  and  divert, step  up  or dam any such stream or water-course and  collect  or impound  any such water and to make, construct and  maintain  any water  course,  culverts,  drains or reservoirs  but  not  as  to deprive  any cultivated lands, villages, buildings,  or  watering places  for livestock of a reasonable supply or water  as  before accustomed  nor  in  any way to foul or  pollute  any  stream  or springs.   Provided that the lessee/licensee shall not  interfere with the navigation in any navigable stream nor shall divert such stream  without  the  previous written permission  of  the  State Government.


7. To use and for stacking, heaping or depositing purposes.

Liberty and power to enter upon and use a sufficient part of  surface  of  said lands for the purpose of stacking, heaping, thereon  any produce of  the mines,  quarries  or                    works carried on  and any equipment, earth  and  materials  and substances dug  or  raised  under  the liberties and powers mentioned in this part.


8. Beneficiation and carrying away.

Liberty and power to enter upon and use a sufficient part  of the said land to  beneficiate,                           process, dress, convert the  said minerals,  produced  from the said lands and to carry  away  such beneficiated/processed, dressed, converted mineral/minerals.

9. To clear brush-wood and to fell and utilise trees, etc.,

Liberty and power for or in connection with any  of  the purpose  mentioned  in this part to   fell  and use any  timber or  trees or  brush  wood now standing or which hereafter may  be  standing upon  the reserved forest land, included within the  said  lands, provided that not more than........................square  metres or such reserved forest land shall be cleared in any one year nor the  same place of tender than once in every year  and,  provided that,  the  previous  permission  in  writing  from  the   Forest Department  under Forest Department is obtained which  permission shall  be granted by the Forest Department from time to time  for an area, not exceeding.........................acres at a time on written  application of the lessees/licensees to the effect  that the  lessees/licensees requires/require the additional area   for bonafide  and  immediate extension of quarrying  operation  under this  lease/licence  and provided also that the exercise  of  the liberty  and power expressed in this clause shall be  subject  to the observance of the terms and condition contained in the  other

part of this schedule.







1.No building etc. upon certain places.

No building or thing shall be erected, set up, placed and no surface operations shall be carried on in or  upon any public pleasure  ground, burning or burial ground or  place held sacred by any class  of  persons or any house or village site, public  road  or other  place which the State Government may determine  as  public ground  nor in such manner as to injure or  prejudicially  affect any  building, work, property or rights of other persons  and  no land  shall  be  used for surface  operations  which  is  already occupied  by  persons  other than the  Government  for  works  or purposes not included in this lease/licence.  They shall not also interfere with any right of way, well or tank.


2. Permission for surface operations in a land not already in use.  

Before using for surface operations any land  which  has not  already  been  used  for such operations the  lessee/ licensee  shall  give  to the  Competent  Authority,  sixty  days previous   notice  in  writing  specifying  the  name  or   other designation of the situation and the extent of the land  proposed to be so used and the purpose for which the same is required  and the said land shall not be so used if objection is issued by  the Competent Authority within one month after the receipt by him  of such notice unless the objections so stated shall on reference to the State Government be annulled or waived.


3. To cut trees in unreserved lands.

(a) The lessee/licensee shall not cut or injure any tree   in the leased/licensed areas with-out  

      the previous sanction in writing of the Competent Authority

 (b) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-clause (a) the lessee/licensee   shall   not   cut  or  injure   any   tree   in leased/licensed  area  falling within  reserved/protected  forest

without  the  previous  permission in  writing  from  the  Forest Department or the Officer authorised by the Forest Department  in this behalf.


4. Permission for surface operations in a land not already in use.

Save as Provided in clause 9 PART II of  this  Schedule, the  lessees/licensees  shall not without the  previous  sanction from  the  Forest  Department cutdown  or injure any timber or trees on the said lands but, may, without such sanction  clear away  any  brush-wood or under-growth which interferes  with  any operations  authorised  by  these  presents  and  notwithstanding  anything  contained  in this schedule shall not  enter  upon  any reserved  forest  included in the said lands without  seven  days previous  notice  in  writing to the  Forest  Department  or  the officer authorised by the Forest Department.


5. No mining operations within 50 meters of public works etc.,

 The lessee/licensee shall not work or carry on or  allow to be worked or carried on any quarrying operations at or to any point  within a  distance of 50 metres if no blasting is involved  from  the  boundary  of any railway  line  except  with  the previous   written  permission  of  the  Railway   Administration concerned or from the boundaries of reservoir, canal, high tension electric  line  or other public works or buildings  or  inhabited

site  except  with the previous permission of Government  or  any other  officer  authorised by the Government in this  behalf  and otherwise than in accordance with such instructions, restrictions and  conditions  and  either  general or  special  which  may  be attached to such permission.  The said distances of 50 metres  or 200 metres shall be measured in the case of railway, reservoir or canal  horizontally from the outer toe of the bank of  the  outer edge  of  the  cutting  as  the  case  may  be  and  of  building horizontally from the plinth thereof.


6. Facilities for adjoining Government licenses and leases.

The  lessee/licensee  shall allow  existing  and  future holders  of  Government licenses or leases over any land which is comprised  in or  adjoins  or is  reached  by the land held by the  land held by the lessee/licensee reasonable facilities of  access thereto.

     Provided that no substantial hindrance or interference shall be caused by such holder of licenses or leases to the  operations of   the   lessee/licensee   under   these   presents   and   the lessee/licensee  shall  be  entitled to compensation  as  may  be mutually agreed upon between the lessee/licensee and such holders and  in the event of disagreement such fair compensation  may  be determined  by  the  Competent Authority  or  any  other  officer authorised  by  the State Government in respect of  all  loss  or damage  sustained  by  the lessee/licensee by reason  of  or  the exercise of this liberty.


     7.  If the said lands or part thereof are forest lands,  the lessees/licensees  shall  take all steps to ease the  slopes  and restore  top soil in lands worked out, exploited or mined and  it shall  be  open  to the Government to afforest  such  lands  even during existence of the lease.





1. To work other minerals.

     1.  Liberty  and  power  for the  State  Government  or  any

lessee/licensee  or persons  authorised  by it in that behalf  to enter into and upon  the said lands and to  search  for,  win, work, dig,  get,  raise,  dress,  process, convert and carry away any minerals other than the said  minerals and any other substances, and for those purposes to sink,  drive, make,  erect,  construct,  maintain and  use  such  pits,  shafts inclines,  drifts,  levels and other lines,  waterways,  airways, water  courses,  drains, reservoirs,  engines,  machinery,  plant buildings,   canals,  tramways,  railways  and  other  work   and conveniences as may be deemed necessary or convenient.


     Provided  that in the exercise of such liberty and power  no substantial hindrance or interference shall be caused to with the liberties  powers  and privileges of  the  lessee/licensee  under these presents and that the lessee/licensee shall be entitled  to

such  fair compensation as may be mutually agree upon or  in  the event  or  disagreement  as may be determined  by  the  Competent Authority  appointed  by the State Government in respect  of  all loss  or damage sustained by the lessee/licensee by reason or  in consequences, of the exercise of such liberty and power.


 2. To make railways and roads.

Liberty  and power to the State  Government  or  Central  Government to construct any road, railway  or  canal reservoir or to carry  electric  or  telephone lines in or over the lands under the lease/licence is reserved.





Provided  that before such liberty or power is  exercised  a notice  of  not  less  than thirty days shall  be  given  to  the lessee/licensee  and the area utilised by the Government for  any of  the aforesaid purpose shall be excluded from the  area  under the  lease/licence  and lessee/licensee will not be  entitled  to claim any compensation for such exclusion.


3.  Liberty and power to the State Government to  determine, at any time by giving to the lessee/licensee a notice in  writing the  lease/licence  if the area for which the  lease/licence  has been  granted  or  any  part thereof is  required  by  the  State Government  for  any public purpose and a declaration  under  the signature  of the Director that the area, or as the case may  be, the  part  of  the  area is so required  shall,  as  between  the lessee/licensee and the Government, be conclusive.


On  the determination of the lease/licence under this  power the  area  under  the  lease/licence  shall  be  resumed  by  the Government   and   the  lessee/licensee  shall   be   paid   such compensation as may be determined by an officer appointed by  the Government  for  the  purpose  and in  assessing  the  amount  of compensation,  the  officer so appointed shall be guided  by  the principles  laid  down  in the Acquisition  Act  1894,  for  such assessment.





1. Rate of mode of payment of Dead Rent.

1..As from the day of ...........19  , during the subsistence of  lease/licence,  the lessee/licensee shall  pay  the dead rent in advance  at Rs..........  per Acre per annum  as per Schedule 1 in accordance with Rules.


2. Rate of mode of payment of royalty.

The  lessee/licensee  shall, pay royalty in  advance  to Government  in respect of minor minerals removed or  consumed by him or his agent, manager, employee, contractor or buyer at the rates prescribed  in Schedule 2 in accordance with the Rules.


3. Mineral Despatch Permits

The   lessee/licensee   or   his   agents,   managers, employees, contractors or  buyers/consumers  shall  not  move the mineral quarried  without obtaining valid Mineral Despatch Permit (in  short  PERMIT)  issued  by  the Competent Authority  or  the authorised officers.


4. Penalty.

Subject to the provision of clause (4) of this part,  any lessee/licensee  or  his  agents, managers  employees, contractors,  consumers or buyers contravening the above  clause  and transport mineral  without  valid PERMIT,  such persons will be liable for penalty at 5 times of royalty. If  any lessee/licensee or his agent etc., or buyers continue to  indulge in such offence he Competent  Authority  may   order   for determination of the lease/licence with the prior approval of the Controlling Authority.




1. Rent and royalties to be free from deduction etc.,

The rents and royalties in PART V of this Schedule  shall be  paid  free  from any deductions to the  State  Government  at District -Sub  Treasury as................and in such manner as the Competent Authority may prescribe.

2. Mode of computation of royalty.

For  the  purpose of computing the  said  royalties  the lessee/licensee shall keep a  correct  account  of  the  mineral/ minerals  actually produced from the quarries/mines, lands and despatched from the quarry and maintained stock, in the form prescribed by  Government/Competent Authority. The lessee/licensee shall also keep a correct  account of  the  number  of  persons  employed  therein  and  shall  also maintained  a  complete set of plans and cross sections   of  the  quarry  and  furnish to the Competent  Authority  concerned  such information,  reports and returns as required from time  to  time under  these  Rules  together  with  representative  samples   of minerals  and processed materials from the same  obtained  during the  operations.  The accounts as well as quantity (in volume  or in weight as the case may be) of the mineral/minerals in stock or in the process of despatch from the quarry may be checked by  any officer  authorised  by  the  State  Government  and  or  by  the Competent Authority.


3. Course of action if rents and royalties are not paid in time.

Should the royalty and/or rent reserved and made  payable by  the  lessee/licensee is not paid within thirty days after the date  fixed in  lease/licence  for the payment  of  the  same,  State Government  may  enter  upon   the premises   and   distrain   all  or  any  of   the   mineral   or beneficiated /processed  or movable property there and  may  order the  sale of the property to destined or so much of it as  will suffice  of the satisfaction of the rent and royalties  due,  and all cost and expenses occasioned by the non-payment thereof.


"3A.  If the lessee or licencee makes any default in the payment of royalty or dead rent payable under rule 36, the competent authority shall give notice to such lessee or licensee, requiring him to pay the royalty or dead rent within sixty days from the date of receipt of the notice, failing which the competent authority may, without prejudice to any other action that may be taken against lessee or licensee, determine the lease or licensee or forfeit the whole or part of the security deposit".


Any rent, royalty tax fees, penalty or other sums due  to Government under said Rules of under this lease/licence shall  be recovered as arrears of land revenue on the basis of  certificate issued by the Competent Authority.





1. Lessees to pay rents, royalties.

The  lessee/licensee shall pay the rents  and  royalties reserved  by this lease/licence at such times and in  the  manner provided in PART V  and  VI of   these  presents  and also may and discharge  all  taxes,  cesses, rates assessments and impositions whatsoever being in the  nature of  public  demands  which shall from time to  time  be  charged, assessed or imposed by the authority of the State Government upon or  in respect of the premises and works of the lessee/lessee  in common  with  other  premises and works of  alike  nature  except demands for land revenues.


2. To maintain and keep boundary marks in good order.

The lessee/licensee shall at his own expenses erect  and at  all  times  maintain and keep in repair  boundary  marks  and pillars  according  to  the demarcation to be shown  in the  plan  annexed to this lease/licence.  Such marks  order  and pillars  shall  be  sufficiently clear of the  shrubs  and  other obstructions as to allow easy identifications.


 3. To commence operations within a year and work in a workman like manner.

Unless  the Competent Authority for good  cause  permits otherwise the lessee/licensee  shall  commence operation within a year from the date of  execution of the lease/licence  and  shall thereafter at all  times  during the  continuance of this lease /licence search for, win, work  and develop  the  said  minerals without  voluntary  intermission  in proper skilful  and  workmanlike  manner  without   doing   or permitting  to  be done any unnecessary or avoidable  damage  the surface  of  the  said lands or the  crops,  buildings  or  other property  thereon.   The lessee/licensee shall prevent  waste  by removal  of  overburden, careful storage of waste,  drainage  and removal  of  valuable minerals.  For the purpose of  this  clause quarrying  operations  shall include the erection  of  machinery, laying of a tramway or construction of a road in connection  with the quarry. The lessee/licensee shall not dump the overburden  or waste   rock   or   mineral  on   the   workable   deposit.    If  lessee/licensee  does not find suitable place to dump  the  waste material  generated  from the quarry within  the  leased/licensed area  he  may  dump in nearly  Government  land  obtaining  prior approval from Competent Authority in writing.


4. To indemnify Government against all claims.

The  lessee / licensee  shall make and pay such reasonable compensation as may be assessed by lawful authority in accordance with  the law in force on the subject for all damage,  injury  or disturbance  which  may be done by him in exercise of the  powers granted by this lease/licence and shall indemnify and keep indemnified fully and  completely State Government against all claims which may  be made  by  any person or persons in respect of  any  such  damage, injury  or disturbance and all costs and expenses  in  connection therewith.


5. To secure and keep in good condition pits shafts etc.,

The lessee/licensee shall during the subsistence of  this lease/licence  well  and sufficiently secure and keep  open  with timber or other  durable means all pits shafts and make and  maintain sufficient  fences  to the satisfaction of the  State  Government round every such pit, shaft or working in the said lands,  except such as may be abandoned accessible free from water and foul  air as far as possible.  The lessee/licensee shall also take adequate steps to ensure that:


(a)   heights  and widths of trenches in open  quarries  are properly maintained to facilitate easy removal of the mineral and the muck,


(b)   The working faces are always kept clean,


(c)   The  mineral and or  beneficiated,  processed  dressed products  there from  won are stacked in suitable  dimensions  and each  such stock is numbered or marked in a manner prescribed  by the Competent Authority,


(d)   The proper sanitation  of the area leased/licensed  to him maintained.




6. To strengthen and support the quarry to necessary extent.

The lessee/licensee shall strengthen and support to  the satisfaction of the Railway administration concerned or the State  Government  or  any  other Competent  Authority  controlling the provisions or any law for the time being in force relating to the working of quarries and matters affecting safety, health  and labour matter as the case may be any part of the quarry which  in its opinion requires such strengthening or support for the safety of  any  railway, reservoirs, canal, road high  tension  electric line and other public works or structures.

7.(1) The lessee/licensee shall submit from time to time or when  required,  progress reports to the Director  of  Mines  and Geology,  along with analysis and representative samples  of  the minerals  collected during the quarrying operations as  also  the periodical returns prescribed in the said Rules or in the  manner prescribed by him from time to time,


(2)  The lessee/licensee shall submit to the Director  of Mines and Geology, the Competent Authority and any other  officer as may be specified by the Director of Mines and Geology in  this behalf, quarterly returns in FORM-Q and annual returns in  FORM-Y appended  to the said Rules, for each financial year ending  31st March, before the 31st April of the succeeding year, and to allow inspection of working.


8. To allow inspection of working.

The lessee/licensee shall allow any officer authorised by  the  Central  Government  or  the  State  Government  or  the Competent  Authority  or the Director of Mines and Geology under the said rules in that behalf to  enter upon the premises including any building excavation  or land   comprised  in  the  lease/licence  for  the   purpose   of inspecting,  examining,  surveying  and  making  plans   thereof, sampling  and collecting any data and the  lessee/licensee  shall with proper person employed by the lessee/licensee and acquainted with the mine/quarry and works effectively assist such  officers, agents  servants and workmen in conducting every such  inspection and shall afford them all facilities, information connected  with the  working  of the quarry which they  may  reasonably  require. Such officer may issue such reasonable directions as he may  deem fit  to prevent wasteful extraction of minerals and it  shall  be the duty of the lessee/licensee, his/their agent/manager to carry out  directions within such period as the officer may specify  if the  lessee/licensee,  his/their  agent or  management  fails  to carryout  such  directions  within  the  specified  period,   the Competent Authority may determine the lease/licence or may impose a penalty not exceeding twice the amount of the annual dead rent.


 9. To report accidents.

   The lessee/licensee shall report all  accidents  to  the Director  of   Mines   and  Geology the  District  magistrate  and the District Superintendent of  Police concerned,  in  case  of any accident causing  death  or serious bodily  injury  or  serious  injury  to  property  or   seriously affecting or endangering life or property which may occur in  the course   of   the  operations  under   this   lease/ licence   the lessee /licensee shall send a complete report without any delay of  such an accident to the said officers.


10. To report discovery of other minerals.

Whenever the lessee/licensee  shall find, in  the  said lands, any mineral other than the  said mineral / minerals  the   lessee /licensee shall immediately report such discovery in  writing to the  Competent Authority with full particulars  of the nature and position of each such find.  


11.   The  lessee/licensee shall, at all times,  during  the said  term keep or cause to be kept, at an office to be  situated upon  or near the said lands, correct and intelligible  books  of

accounts which shall contain accurate entries, showing from  time to time;-


     (1)   Quantity  and  quality of  the  said  mineral/minerals  realised from the said lands;


I.                    Quantity of the various qualities of the said mineral/ minerals beneficiated,

       processed or converted,


     (3) Quantities  of  the various  qualities  of  the  said mineral/minerals sold at the quarry head or despatch   to any mineral processing units, granite cutting and polishing units within the country and quantity exported and the manner  and purpose of such sale and disposal;


     (4) Details of royalty paid and PERMITS obtained,

     (5) The prices and all other particulars of all sale of the said mineral/minerals;

     (6) The number of persons employed in the mines or work or  upon    the   said   lands    specifying    nationality,  qualifications  and pay of the technical personnel,

(7) Such other facts, particulars and circumstances as the Competent Authority or the Director of Mines and Geology may from time to time require and shall also furnish of charge to such officers and at such times they may prescribe true and correct abstracts of all or any such books of accounts and shall at all reasonable times allow such  officers  or  any  other  officers  as  the  State  Governments shall, in that behalf appoint, to enter into and have free access to, for the purpose of examining and inspecting the said books of accounts and to make copies thereof and to make extracts there from.


12. To maintain plans etc.,

The lessee/licensee shall at all times during  the  said term maintain at the quarry office correct,  intelligible,  up to-date and complete Contour and Geological plans and cross sections of the quarries in the said lands.  They shall  show all the operations, workings, and all  the  trenches, pits  and drillings made by the lessee/licensee in the course  of operations  carried on by him/them under the  lease/licence.  The lessee/licensee  shall update such quarry planes and  section  at the  end of each year or any period specified from time  to  time and the lessee/licensee shall furnish free of charge such  plans, sections  and  mineral  specimens,  to  the  Competent  Authority whenever these required.  Accurate records of all trenches,  pits and drillings shall show:-


     (a) The sub-soil and strata through which they pass.

     (b) Any other minerals encountered.

     (c) Any other matter of interest and all data required by  the State Government the Competent Authority from  time to time.


13. To abide by the provisions of the laws in force in respect of labour welfare, safety measures, ecology and environment.

 The lessee/licensee shall be bound by the  provisions  of To  abide  by the provisions  any laws for the time being in force of the laws in force in relating to ecology and environment, of the laws in force in the working of the quarries   (Mines respect of labour welfare, and minerals) and matters  affecting safety measures, ecology safety, health  and  convenience  of and environment. The  lessee/licensee   employees  or the  public.  The lessee/licensee shall abide by  the  conditions laid  down  in the payment of wages Act 1936 (Central Act  IV  of 1936), the Mines Act 1952 (Central Act XXXV of 1952), the  Indian Explosives Act 1984 (Central Act of IV of 1884) and the Water and Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974.

     14. The lessee/licensee shall respect all existing rights of way,   water  and  other  basements  and  shall  not   carry   on mining/quarrying or other operations under the said lease/licence in any way than as prescribed under the Rules.


15. Government indemnified from paying compensation for in-jury to third parties.

The  lessee/ licensee shall make  and  pay  reasonable compensation  for  all  damage, injury disturbance to person or property which may be caused by or  on the part of lessee/licensee in exercise of  the  liberties and  power granted by these presents and shall at all times  have harmless  and  kept  indemnified the State  Government  from  and against  all  suits, claims and damages which may be  brought  or made  by  any person or persons in respect of  any  such  damage, injury or disturbance.


16. Not to obstruct working of other minerals.

 The lessee/licensee will exercise  the  liberties  and  powers  hereby  granted  in  such  a matter  as  to  offer no unnecessary or reasonable avoidable obstructions interruption to the development and working within  the  said lands  of  any minerals not included in  this  lease/licence  and shall at all times afford to the Central and State Government and to the older quarrying  lease,  of  quarrying   licence   and prospecting  licence  or  mining lease  in respect of  any  such minerals  or  any minerals within any land adjacent to  the  said lands as the case may be reasonable means of access and safe  and convenient  passage  upon  and  across the  said  lands  to  such minerals  for  the  purpose of getting  working,  developing  and quarrying  away the same provided that the lessee/licensee  shall have  receive  reasonable compensation for any damage  or  injury which  he may sustain by reason or in consequence of the  use  of such  passage by such lessee/licensee or holders  of  prospecting licences.


17. Lessee shall deposit any additional amount necessary equal to the security deposit.

Whenever the security deposit as provided in the 9(1) and 21(1)of the said Rule or any part thereof  or  any  further sum hereafter   deposited    with the      State    Government in  replenishment  thereof shall be forfeited or applied  by  the Competent Authority pursuant to the power hereinafter declared in that  behalf  the lessee/licensee shall deposit  with  the State Government  such  further  sum  as may  be  sufficient  with  the unappropriated  part thereof to bring the amount in deposit  with the  State  Government up to the sum of equal to  the  said  full security deposit amount.


18. Delivery of working in good order to State Government after determination of lease.

The lessee/licensee shall at the  expiration  or  sooner determination of the said term  or any renewal thereof deliver up to the State Government all mines,  quarries,  pits,  shafts,  inclines,   other  works  now existing  or here after to be sunk or make on or under  the  said lands except such as have been abandoned with the sanction of the Competent  Authority  in an ordinary and fair course  of  working all engines, machinery, plant, buildings, structures, other works and conveniences which at the commencement of the term were  upon or  under  the  said  lands and all such  machinery  set  up  the lessee/licensee  below  ground  level  which  cannot  be  removed without causing injury to the mines, quarries or works under  the said  lands (except such of the same as may with the sanction  of the  Competent  Authority) and all buildings  and  structures  of bricks or stone erected by the lessee/licensee above ground level in good repaired order and condition and fit in all respects  for further working of the said mines and the said minerals.


19. Right of pre-emption.

The Government shall from time to time and all times  during the said term have  the  right  to be exercised  by notice in writing to the lessee/licensee  or pre-emption   of  the said  minerals  (and all products thereof) lying in or  upon  the lands  hereby  demised  or elsewhere under  the  control  of  the lessee/licensee  shall with all possible expedition  deliver  all minerals   or  products  of  minerals  purchased  by  the   State Government  under  the  power  conferred  by  this  provision  be exercising the said right,


(b)  In  the  event  of the existence of  State  or  War  or emergency (of which existence the President of India shall be the sole  judge and a notification to this effect in the  Gazette  of

India  shall be conclusive proof) the State Government  with  the consent of the Central Government shall from time to time and  at all times during the said term have the right to be exercised  by a notice in writing to the lessee/licensee shall forth with  take possession and control of the works plant, machinery premises  of the  lessee/licensee on or in connection with the said  lands  or preparations under this lease/licence and during such  possession or  control  the  lessee/licensee  shall  confirm  and  obey  all directions  given  by  or  on behalf  of  the  Central  or  State Government regarding the use of employment of such works, plants, premises  and minerals.  PROVIDED THAT after  compensation  which shall  be  determined  in  default  of  agreement  by  the  State Government  shall be paid to the lessees/licensee or all loss  or damage  sustained by him/them by reason or in consequence of  the exercise  of  the powers  conferred by this clause  and  PROVIDED ALSO  that  the exercise of such powers shall not  determine  the said  term hereby granted or affect the terms and  provisions  of there  presents further than may be necessary to give  effect  to the  provisions of this clause.  The Government or the  Competent Authority  shall have the right to dispose of the  minor  mineral waste generated during the course of quarrying in accordance with the provision of Schedule-2.


20. Not to light fire in Forest Areas.

The lessee/licensee shall not light any fire upon  the said  lands  if  lying  within  the reserved  forest except under  such conditions as the Forest Department  may  in   writing  specify and  the lessee/licensee and his/their workmen and employees shall  render prompt assistance in extinguishing  any fire on the said lands or in their vicinity.  The lessee/licensee  shall be liable for  all damage  resulting from fire caused by the act or omission of  the lessee/licensee  or  his/their  employees  and  shall  pay   such compensation  for  the Forest Department.   The decision  of  the Forest  Department as the amount of compensation payable  by  the lessee/licensee    shall   be final and   binding   on    the lessee/licensee.


21. No right over produce other than minerals ores mentioned in the lease/licence.

     21.a) The lessee/licensee shall not remove any other produce except the  minor  mineral mentioned in this lease.  The  lessee/licensee shall without delay,  report  to the Competent Authority and the Director of Mines and Geology, the discovery in   this areas, comprised in his/their  lease/licence  of any minerals not  specified  in  the lease,.


     b)  If  any  mineral/s not specified  in  the  lease/licence is/are  discovered in the leased/licensed area he/they shall  not win   and   dispose   of  such   mineral/s,   without   obtaining lease/licence therefore.  If he fails/they fail to apply for such lease/licence within three months from the discovery of the  said mineral/minerals,   the   Competent   Authority   may   grant   a lease/licence  in respect of such mineral/minerals to  any  other person / persons  in respect of such mineral/minerals to any  other person / persons,


     (c)  without the prior permission of the Director  of  Mines and Geology the lessee / licensee shall not use the minor  minerals quarried under these rules for a purpose which will classify them as major minerals.


     22.   The  lessee/licensee  shall  make  available  to   the Government  of  India beryl or any other  "Substance  prescribed" under section of the Atomic Energy Act (Act XXIX if 1948) if they are found to occur in the said lands.


     23.   The  State  Government  shall  be  immune   from   the lessee / licensee claims for damage and account or any land  having been included in this lease which may subsequently be  discovered not have been available for the lease.


     24. The lessee/licensee or his assignees shall not erect any building  in contravention of the provisions of any law  for  the time  being in force relating to the erection of buildings or  in contravention of any order is issued by any officer or  authority composed   to  issue  such  order  any  such  law  within   whose jurisdiction the leased area is situated.


     25.  The  lessee/licensee  shall abide  by  such  reasonable instructions  and direction as may be issued by the  Director  of Mines  and Geology from time to time regarding  conservation  and development of minerals.


     26.  The lessee/licensee shall minimise the air and  water pollution keeping in view the local atmosphere/environment.








1. Lessee may hold and enjoy rights quietly.         

Lessee/licensee  paying the rents and royalties  hereby reserved  and  observing and  performing  all  the   covenants  and agreements  herein  contained  and on  the  part  of  the lessee/licensee  is  to  be  observed  and performed  shall  and may quietly hold and enjoy the  rights  and premises  hereby demised for and during the term  hereby  granted without   any  unlawful  interruption  from  or  by   the   State Government, or any person rightfully claiming under it.


2. To renew.

If the lessee/licensee  be  desirous  of  taking  lease/ licence  of  the  premises  hereby demised or of any part of them for a further term on the expiry of the term hereby granted  and  if he/they  give the Competent Authority an application  in  writing ninety   days  before  the  expiry  of  the  leases/licences   as prescribed  in  the  said  Rules, and shall  pay  the  rents  and royalties  hereby  reserved  and shall observe  and  perform  the several covenants and agreements herein contained and on the part of  the  lessee/licensee to be observed and  performed  up to  the expiration  of  the term hereby granted the  Competent  Authority will  upon  his/their  executing  and  delivering  to  the  State Government if required a counterpart thereof execute and  deliver to  the  lessee/licensee  a renewal  lease/licence  of  the  said premises  for  the further term not exceeding the  term  of  this lease / licence  at such rents and royalties and no such terms  and subject  to such covenants and agreements including this  present covenants to renew as shall be in accordance with the said  Rules applicable  to  ............(name of minerals) on  the  day  next following the expiration of the term hereby granted.

3. Liberty to surrender the Lease/Licence.

The lessee/licensee shall be at liberty to surrender this lease /licence by giving notice of not less  than  three  months  in writing to the  Competent  Authority  and  no fresh liability shall accrue to the lessee/licensee from the date of such surrender provided that all the Government dues on rents, royalties and taxes shall be cleared off arising upon the date of the surrender.



4. Refund of security deposit.

     4.  On such date as the Competent Authority may within  two   months  after  the determination to this lease  or of any renewal thereof,   the  amount  of   the security deposit paid in respect of this lease and than remaining in  deposit  with  the State Government and not  required  to  be applied  to  any  of the purpose mentioned in  this  lease  shall be refunded to the lessee/licensee.  No interest shall run on  the security deposit.











1.Breach of condition.

In case of breach of any of the conditions of the  lease other  than mentioned in clause 2 and 3  of  this  part, then the Competent Authority  may  require  the  lessee/ licensee  or his/their assigns  to pay   penalty  not  exceeding an amount equivalent  to  twice  the amount of the annual dead rent specified under clause 2, Part V.


2.In case lessee/licensee  or  his/their assignees does/do not allow or obstruct entry or inspection, by the Officers authorised  by  the  State Government,  the  Competent Authority may cancel  the  lease  and forfeit  the whole or part of the deposit made under  Rule   9(1) and 21(1) of the said Rules.

3. In case the lessee/licensee or his/their assignees commit any  breach  of any of the conditions specifies in  the  clauses, sub-rule  (1) to (4) of Rule 6 of the said Rules then and in  any such case the Competent Authority shall give notice in writing to the lessee/licensee or his/their or assignees as the case may be, asking him/them to remedy the breach within Thirty days from  the date of the notice and if the breach is not remedied within  such period the Competent Authority under the said Rules may determine the lease provided that nothing therein contained shall debar the State  Government from enforcing any other right or  remedy  that   State  Government may have against  the  lessee / licensee  or his / her assignees under any other provisions herein contained.


4. To pay penalty in case of breach.

In case of the breaches of the covenants and  agreements by  the lessee/licensee or any other officer authorised by the Government on which aforesaid notice has been given the Competent  Authority under  the said Rules in lieu of giving notices, may impose  such penalty appropriate in accordance with the sub-rule(3) of Rule 6.


5. If the lessee/licensee ceases/cease to work  the  quarry for  a  continuous  period of one year  the  lease/licence  shall liable to cancellation as per the Rules.


     Provided  that the lease/licence shall not be  cancelled  if the  lessee/licensee are prevented from working the quarry  owing to  some reasonable cause or if the lessee / licensee  ceases/cease to work with prior permission of the Competent Authority.


6. Interpretation.

If there is any dispute  regarding  their lease/licence or any other matter or thing construction of a term or condition in the lease/licence anything connected  with the quarries or minor minerals specified in this lease/licence or the  working  or non working of the quarry  operated  under  this lease/licence,  the amount of payment of royalty or dead rent  or its  mode  of  payment to the Competent  Authority  it  shall  be referred  to the State Government whose decision shall  be  final and binding on the lessee/licensee




8. Lessee/Licensee to remove his properties on the expiry of lease.

The lessee/licensee  having  first paid  and  discharged the rents  and  royalties  payable  by  virtue of these presents  may  at  the expiration or sooner determination  of  the  said  terms or within three months  thereafter  (unless  the lease/licence  shall be determined under clause 1 and 2  of  this PART  and in that case at any time not less than  three  calendar months  after such determination), take down and remove  for  his own  benefit  all  or any engines,  machinery  plant,  buildings, structures, tramways, railway, railways other works, erection and conveniences which may have been erected, set up or placed by the lessee / licensee  in  or  upon  the  said  lands  and  which   the lessee/licensee  is/are  are  bound  to  deliver  to  the   State Government under clause 21 of PART VI of this Schedule and  which the State Government shall not desire to purchase.


9. Forfeiture of property left more than six months after determination of lease.

If  at the end of three  months after the  expiration or sooner determination of the  said  term or after the date from which after determination of lease    any   surrender  by   the lessee / licensee of part under the provisions contained in  Clause  4  of  PART VII of this schedule become effective there shall remain  or upon  the said land or the surrendered part or parts thereof  the case  may be any engine, machinery, plant, building,  structures, tram ways, railways and other work, erections and conveniences or other  property which are not required by the lessee/licensee  in connection  with his/their operations in these parts of the  said lands  which he/they has/have surrendered or in any  other  lands held by him/them under quarrying lease the same shall not removed by the lessee/licensee within one calendar month after notice  in writing  requiring their removal has been to the  lessee/licensee by the  State Government be deemed to become the property of  the State Government and may be sold or disposed of in such manner as the  State  Government shall deem fit without  liability  to  pay compensation or to the lessee/licensee in respect thereof.


10.Service of notice.

Every notice by these present required to be  given  to Service notice. the lessee/licensee  shall  be  given in writing to such person resident on the purpose of receiving  such notices  and  if there shall have been no such  appointment  then every  such  notice shall be sent to the lessee/licensee  by  the registered  post addressed to the lessee/licensee at the  address recorded  in  this lease/licence   or at such  other  address  in India as the lessee/licensee may from time to time in writing  to the  State  Government designate for the receipt of  notices  and every such service shall be deemed to be proper and valid service upon   the  lessee/licensee  and  shall  not  be  questioned   or challenged by him.


     In  witness  where of these presents have  executed  in  the manner here under apprising the day and year first above written.


Signed by


for and on behalf of the Governor of Karnataka in the presence of



Signed by

for and on behalf of

in the presence of








No.________________                 Dated.____________




(See Sub-rule (5) of Rule 11, Rule 27 and Sub-rule(2) of Rule 33)




1.   In pursuance of rule ____ of the KMMC  Rules 1994  sanction is  hereby  accorded  for grant / first renewal / second renewal of  a  quarry  lease/licence  for quarrying __________________(Mineral) for_____________ years  to Smt./ Sri/  M/s. ______________________________  over  an extent of_________________________ acres     of______(Revenue/Forest/Private)land     in     Sy.Nos.__________________ of ___________________________village, __________________ taluk, ___________________district,  as per  the enclosed sketch.


2. The grant of the above lease/licence for quarrying is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder;


a)   Quarrying   lease/licence  shall  be   in   respect   of_____________  minor mineral only. If any other minor  mineral(s) is/are found in association with the said minor mineral,  it/they should be brought to the notice of the Competent Authority and if the  lessee/licencee  desires to quarry these  minerals  also  he should do so only after the consent of the Competent Authority is obtained in writing.


b)  The lessee/ licencee shall at his own expense erect  and at  all times maintain and keep in good repair, boundary  pillars and marks which are  necessary to indicate the boundaries of  the area.


c)  Quarrying work should not be started based on  the  this Notification.  Quarrying should be started only  after  executing the lease deed/licence deed.


d) A board should be displayed boldly at the entrance to the Quarry  lease  or the land granted on  Quarrying  licence  giving details  of  the name of the quarry,  lease/licence  number,  and owners  name and address and date of the execution of  the  lease



e) Dead rent at rate prescribed in schedule 1 of KMMC Rules 1994 and  Royalty at the rate prescribed in schedule 2 of  KMMC  Rules 1994  shall  be payable by the lessee in  accordance  with  these rules.


f)  Government or the controlling authority shall  have  the right of purchasing the minor mineral at market prices prevailing at the time of such purchase.


g) The grant of this quarrying lease/licence for  quarrying  shall  be  subject to the various other provisions  of  the  KMMC Rules 1994.


h) The  grantee  shall  be  governed  by  all   additional conditions  which may be incorporated into the lease deed at  the time of execution of the licence deed.


j)  The lease/licence would be determined if the  lessee  or the holder of the licence fails to commence quarrying  operations within one year from the date of execution of the lease/licence.




Competent Authority








NOTE:   The grantee should execute the formal licence/lease  deed in  form No._________ within a period of _90 days  from  the date of the order sanctioning the quarrying lease, failing  which the  order  of  sanctioning  this  Quarrying  lease/licence   for quarrying  be deemed to have been revoked under rule_________  of the KMMC Rules 1994.


Copy to:


1. The Controlling authority ( Director of Mines & Geology).

2. The Senior Geologist,________________ District.

3. The Geologist,_______________________ District.

4. The Deputy Commissioner,_____________ District.

5. The Tahsildar , _______________________ District.




Competent Authority


(See Sub-rule (10) of Rule 18)

Quarterly returns for the period from .............

Quarry lease No..................License No.......................


Please return this  form duly  filled to the Director of Mines and Gre, the concerned Competent Authority and the Geologist before the 8th of the succeeding month



1) Quarry lease/ licensee Number.       :

2) Name of lessee/licensee            :

3) No. & date of order granting the

   quarry lease/license               :

4) Location of the quarry,                                               

   a) Village/Forest Range            :

   b) Taluk/                          :

   c) District                        :

5) Royalty paid during the last

   three months & progressive         :

   (1) Royalty

                             (a) Rs....... for the month of ......

                             (b) Rs. .... .for the month of ......

                             (c) Rs........for the month of ......


                          Total for          Progressive

                          3 months .......   for the year........


6) Total number of permits obtained

   with volume/quantity

  (a) for the last 3 months ......... Nos.

  (b) Volume in

  (c) Quantity in tones.................

7)Production of minor mineral         :Quantity.........tones/

8) Dispatches                                              Cu.Mt

   (a)To the mineral based

      industry owned by the lessee/licensee........

   (b)To the mineral based industry

      owned by others ....................

      (Mineral based industry includes cutting and

      polishing units, stone crusher etc.)

9) Quantity/volume of minor mineral in

   stock at the quarry as on date .........

10) No. of workers employed at the quarry  (a) Supervisors.....

                                           (b) Skilled ........

                                     (c)Unskilled .........


                                                                                        Signature of the Lessee/licensee  







Name of the Minor Mineral

Survey Number

Extending Acres-Guntas

Name of Revenue Village















Period of Lease

Date of Notification

Last date for receipt of Tender














Date and time of Auction

Place of Auction











[ See Rule 21A (1) ]


Quarrying permit No…………………………………………………………………………….


………………………………Office ………………………………………….. Date…………..


   WHEREAS  Shri……………………………….. applied for grant of quarrying permit for excavation and removal of …………tones / brass of…………………… ( minor mineral) from Sy.No…………………of Village………………………Taluk…………… .District………………………… under Rule 21(A) of the Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1994 and has paid royalty in advance amounting to Rupees…………………… permission is hereby granted to the above applicant to quarry, win and remove ………….. tones of  described below on the following conditions, and on payment of advance royalty of Rs………………… per tone/brass ( as specified in the Schedule 2 to the Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1994).




Bounded on the North by



Bounded on the South by



Bounded on the East  by



Bounded on the West by




( as shown in the detailed plan annexed with the application)

(1)               This permit shall be valid for……………… days only.

(2)               The depth of the pit below the surface shall not exceed six meters:

(3)               This permit is non-transferable.

(4)               No other mineral except that for which the permit is granted shall be excavated or removed without proper sanction being obtained from the Competent Authority.

(5)               If any other minor or major mineral is found during quarrying operations, it shall be reported to the Competent Authority within a week’s time after such discovery.

(6)               The permit holder shall maintain complete and correct accounts of the mineral excavated, quantity removed from the permit area, the sale vouchers, register of labour employed and wages paid, etc., and royalty and other charges liveable for this purpose.

(7)               The permit holder shall immediately report all accidents to the Competent Authority and the District Magistrate and the District Superintendent of  Police of the District in which the area is situated.

(8)               The permit holder have no right over the quarry material and other property lying in permit area after the expiry of the permit.

(9)               The permit holder shall not out or damage any trees without prior sanction and without payment of compensation there of as may be fixed by the Divisional Forest Officer or such Officer authorised by him in this behalf.

(10)           The permit holder shall not carry quarrying operation within a distance of 50 meters from any public roads, public buildings or temples, reservoir, burial ground and railway track, etc., and cause any damage to any public or private properties.

(11)           The permit holder shall allow any officer authorised by the Director  of Mines and Geology and the local revenue forest  authority in whose jurisdiction the land is situated, to enter  into and  inspect at any time the quarrying operations and check up the accounts  and verify the details of despatches, sales, etc., from the account books maintained by the permit holder as per  conditions (7) above at or near the area under permit:

(12)           If any excess quantity over that permitted is found to  be removed the material shall be confiscated and the permit holder shall be liable for punishment under the provisions of the Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1994.


(13)           If any breach of these conditions of the Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1994 is detected, this permit shall be cancelled and the material lying on the site will be confiscated.

(14)           As soon as the removal of the material granted under the permit is over, the permit holder surrender the permit to the Competent Authority and furnish to him complete statement showing the quantities removed, details of transport and, parties to whom this material has been sold, and prices obtained there for, and shall produce any details, books, etc., for the scrutiny of the  Competent Authority as may be called for by him.




Signature of the Issuing  Authority





   (The permit holder)


Copy to:   1.     The Director of Mines and Geology, Bangalore.

                 2.     The Senior Geologist/Geologist Division……………..

                 3.     Check post …………………………..                     





Department of Mines & Geology





(See Sub-rule (2) of Rule 9,21,34 & Sub-rule (1) of Rule 33)



(to be submitted in duplicate with sketches in triplicate)



Received at ________________________(place) on   (Date) and entered in the registered


(Form- QLA), Vol.No. ______at Sl.No.______on page __________.





                                            Signature and designation of

                                                              receiving officer.














I /We submit an application for the renewal of the       quarrying lease No. _______ or


quarrying license No.______ under the Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession  Rules 1994.


      The required particular are given below.



1.  Name and address of the applicant stating whether he or it is an

    Individual, firm, company or Society.


2.  Mineral for which the renewal is applied.


3.  Particulars of the original quarrying lease/License:-

      a) District

      b) Taluk

      c) Village/Forest block or range.   

      d) Sy.No.(s). 

      e) Total extent in acres.

      f) No. and date of the order granting the lease/license

         (Enclose copy of the original lease/license deed).

      g) period for which the lease/ license was granted.

      h) Date of expiry of the lease/license


4.  Details about the area in regard

    to which renewal is applied for:-


      a) Whether the area applied  for is the whole or a part

          of the lease/license held.

      b) In case it is for a part of the lease/ license held:

         i) The extent of the area to be renewed

        ii) Sy.No.

       iii) whether the area sketch is enclosed showing the area

            applied for renewal


5.  Details of production and dispatches and royalty paid during

     the last 3 years.


6.Details of production and dispatches made from the mineral

   based industry  during the past three years.

7.Period for which the renewal is  applied for.

8. Have all dues on the existing quarry  been paid to Government ?

    If so  attach no due certificate from the  Director.


9.  Any other particulars which the  applicant wishes to furnish.




        I/We hereby declare that the particulars furnished above  are correct and I/We am/are ready to furnish any other details, plans etc. as may be required by you.




                                                                                   Your faithfully,



Date :                                                    Signature of the  applicant.





N.B. If the application is signed by an authorised agent of the applicant, the power of attorney should be attached.



(See Rule 53)

                               APPLICATION FOR REVISION


1. Name and Address of Individual/

   Firm/ Company/Regd. Co-Op. Society/



2. Profession or nature of business.


3. Full details of the order of the

   Competent Authority/Director/

   Deputy Director/Joint Director/

   Additional Director against

   which the revision application

   is made (copy to be enclosed).


4. Minor mineral forming the

   subject matter of the revision



5. Details of the area in respect of

   which the revision application is

   filed.(A sketch of the area

   on village plan is to be attached).

 Type of     District          Taluk         Village        S.No.       Extent






6.(a) Is the application filed within

   Sixty days of the date of the

   order of  the Competent Authority/

   Director and others as in

   Sl.No.3 above.

  (b)Is the application with in 30 days

     after expiry of Sixty days?


7. Grounds of revision.


8. If the revision application is

    filed by the holder of power

   of Attorney, please attach the

   power of Attorney.




Date:                                                        Signature and Designation

                                                              of the applicant/power

                                                                    of attorney holder.



Model form for transfer of quarrying lease / license

(See Rules 31Q and 34A)


            When the transferor is an individual ________________ The indenture made this  _________ day of _________ 19 ____ between _____________ (Name of the person with address and occupation) (hereinafter referred to as the "transferor" which expression shall where the context so admits be deemed to include his heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and permitted assigns).


            When the transferors are more than one individual _________(name of the person with address and occupation)and ________________(Name of person with address and occupation) (hereinafter referred to as the "transferor" which expression shall where the context so admits be deemed to include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and their permitted assigns).


            When the transferor is a registered firm __________(Name of the person with address of all the partners) all carrying on business in partnership under the firm name and style of ______________(Name of the firm) registered under the India Partnership Act, 1932 (9 of 1932) and having their registered office at: ______________(hereinafter referred to as the "transferor" which expression where the context so admits be deemed to include all the said partners, their respective heirs, executors, legal representatives and permitted assigns).


            When the transferor is a registered company:_____________(Name of Company) a company registered under ________(Act under which incorporated) and having its registered office at: __________________(Address) (hereinafter referred it as the "transferor" which expression shall where the context so admits, be deemed to include its successors and permitted assigns) of the first part).



            And when the transferee is an individual ____________(Name of person with address and occupation) (hereinafter referred to as the "transferee" which expression shall where the context so admits be deemed to include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and their permitted assigns).


            When the transferee is a Registered firm, _____________(Name and address of all the partners all carrying on business in partnership under the firm and name and style of) _________(Name of the firm) registered under the India Partnership Act, 1932 (9 of 1932) and having their registered office at __________(hereinafter referred to as the "transferee" which expression where the context so admits be deemed to include all the said partners, their respective heirs, executors, legal representatives and permitted assigns).


            Where the transferee is registered company:________________(Name of the Company) a Company registered under (Act under which incorporated) and having its registered office at:___________________(Address) (hereinafter referred to as the "transferee" which expression shall where the context so admits be deemed to include its successors and permitted assigns) of the second part.


            The Governor of __________(hereinafter referred to as the "State Government" which expression shall where the context so admits be deemed to include the successors and assigns of the third part.

            WHEREAS by virtue of an indenture of lease dated the __________ and registered _________ on (date) in the office of the Sub-Registrar of ___________(Place) (hereinafter referred to as lease) the original whereof is attached hereto and marked as "A" entered into between the State Government (therein called the lessor) and the transferor (therein called as lessee), the transferor is entitled to Quarrying the Minor Mineral in respect of ____________ (Name of Mineral/s) in the lands described in schedule thereto and also in schedule annexed hereto for the term and subject to the payment of the dead rent and royalty and observance and performance of the lessee's licencees covenant and conditions in the said deed of lease/licence, reserved and contained including a covenant not to assign the lease/licence or any interest there under without the previous sanction of the competent authority.


            And whereas the transferor is now desirous of transferring and assigning the lease/licence of the transferee and the competent authority has, at the request of the transferor, granted permission to the  transferor  vide  order No. __________  dated_________ to such  a


transfer vide order No and assignment of the licence upon the condition of the transferee entering into an agreement is and containing the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.


 Now this Deed witness as  follows.

            1. The transferee covenants with the State Government that from and after the transfer and assignment of lease the transferee shall be bound by, and be liable to perform, observe and conform and be subject to all the provisions of all the covenants, stipulations and conditions contained in said hereinbefore  recited lease/licence in the same manner in all respects as if the lease/licence had been granted to the transferee as the lessee/licencee there under and he had  originally executed it as such.


            2. It is further hereby agreed and declared by the transferor of the part  and the transferee of the other part that:   .lm 15


            (i)  The transferor and the transferee declare that they have ensured the mineral rights over the area for which the quarrying lease/ licence is being transferred vest in the State Government.


            (ii)  The transferor hereby  declares that he has not assigned subject, mortgage or in any other manner transferred the quarrying lease/licence now being transferred and that no other person or persons has any right, title or interest whereunder in the present quarrying lease/licence being transferred.

            (iii)  The transferor further declares that he has not entered into or made any agreements, contract or understanding whereby he had been or is being directly or indirectly financed to a substantial extent by under which the transferors operation or understanding were or are being substantially  controlled by any person or body of person other than the transferor.


            {iv)             The transferee hereby declares that he/she has accepted all the conditions and liabilities which the transferor was having in respect of such quarrying lease/licence.   


            (v)             The transferee further declares that he is financially capable of and will directly undertake quarrying operations.


            (vi)              The transferee further declares that he has filed an affidavit stating that he has filed up to date income tax Returns, paid the income tax assessed on him and  paid all income tax on the basis of self assessment as provided in the Income-tax Act, 1961. (Act 43 of 1961).


            (vii)             The transferor has supplied to the transferee the original or certified copies of application of abandoned workings in the area and in a belt 65 meters wide surrounding it.


            (viii)             The transferor has paid all the rent, royalties, dead rent and other dues towards Government the date, in respect of this lease/licencee.


            In witness whereof, the parties hereto have signed on the date and year above written.




            All that tract of lands situated at:__________(Description of area or areas) ___________in ___________village,_______________taluk, _____________district, bearing cadestral Survey  Nos,,___________containing an area  of ______________or thereby delineated on the plan hereto annexed and thereon coloured ___________and bounded as follows:

On the North by:

On the South by:

On the East by:


On the West by:


Signed by

or and on behalf of  the State Government in presence  of:




Signature of Transferor in the presence

of witnesses:





Signature of Transferor in the presence

of witnesses.





Signature of Transferee    in presence of















(See Rule 22 & Sub-rule (2) of Rule 33)





1.  Name of applicant         :


2.  Status (State Govt. undertaking/Central Govt./Regd.

     Co., Corporation/Individual   


3.  Mineral applied           :


4.  Extent:       Survey No.           Village         Taluk              District:


         1                   2                                3               4                           5








1.  Whether Government land /

      Private land/Forest land       :


2. Are there any public stru-

    ctures like Roads, Bridges,    :

    Residences, places of work-

    ship, Irrigation tanks,

    Forts etc. within 200 mt/

    50 mt. of the applied area?

    If so,give details and indicate

    them on the applied area map.


3.  Whether the area was held      :   

     previously under Q.L. by

     either the applicant or

     others.  If so, give details


Ql.No.,         Name of lessee       w.e.f.         Expiry date                Type of orn.stn.


         1                   2                                3               4                           5




4.Court orders held by

  the applicant or by others

  over the applied area, with        

  details, district-wise.


Dist.        W/P No.     Name of the      Date of   Extent of     Sy.No    Vill-      Taluk

                                   petitioner          Order      Land                         -age


    1                2                 3                      4                5                 6          7            8







5.  Whether consent of the land

    owner has been obtained

    before making the application

    over private land; details

    to be furnished.                  


6.  Whether the applicant has an

    existing granite cutting and

    polishing industry in Karna-

    taka? Details to be furnished

    with copies of supporting

    documents and capacity of the


    (a) whether 100% E.O.U. or SSI

    (b) Location.                 

    (c) Cubic metres per month/Year. 

    (d) Sq.Mt per month/year.        

        (Tiles, Slabs, Monuments) 


7.  Whether the applicant has a

    distinct industrial programme

    for utilisation of granite

    in a cutting and polishing

    unit within the State of





  1.  Total length and average

      width of the dyke/Granite        (Use a separate sheet

      formation (Geological             to give these details)

      description of the deposit)      


  2.  Approximate reserve of

      quarriable ornamental stone

      in Cu.Mt. upto 10m depth

      from the present surface

      of the applied area. The

      deposit should be shown on       (use a separate sheet

      1"=660' and the same enclo-       to give these details)

      sed with this report.




      1. Whether the land is

         reserved for any public




      2. If quarrying is done in

         the applied area is it

         going to harm the surrounding

         environment? If so

         in what manner? specify.


      3. Any other point of relevance



      4. Specific recommendation of

         the Inspecting Officer.

         (Whether the area is free 

         for grant or not, specify)





                                                                                Signature of the

                                                                          Inspecting Officer




         Remarks of the forwarding officer.

        (If different from the Inspecting Officer)