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Sl No 1 2 3
  Exam   A. Carnatic and   Hindustani Music   (Junior Grade)   Carnatic and Hindustani Music   (Senior grade)   Carnatic and Hindustani music   (vidwath grade)
    B. Bharathnatya,   Kuchupudi, Kathak   Dance Exams (Junior   grade)   Bharathanatya, Kuchupudi,   Kathak Dance Exams (Senior   grade)   Bhartathanatya, Kuchupudi, Kathak   Dance Exams (Vidwath grade)
    C. Talavadya   Instruments Music   (Instrumental Music   Junior grade)   Talavadya Instrumental music   (Senior grade)   Talavadya Instrumental music   (Vidwath grade)
  Age   10 years     17 years (min)
  Qualification   4th Std and Pass   Pass in Junior grade and after 3   years from completion of the   Junior grade   Pass in senior grade and after 3 years   from completion of the Senior grade
   Pass in PUC with one of the subject   regarding Music or dance.
  Papers Max Marks Min. Marks
    Junior - 04   400   40%
    Senior - 05   600
    Vidwath Purva - 05   500
    Vidwath Anthya - 05   500
  Fees   Rs. 210/-   Rs. 310/-   Rs. 410/-
  Time of exam   May   May   May
  Institution   through which   exam can be   taken   All Government and   Aided schools and   colleges   All Government and Aided   schools and colleges   All Government and Aided schools and   colleges
  Procedure for   admission   Apply through the   above instruction   paying the requisite   fees   Apply through the above   instruction paying the   requisite fees   Apply through the above instruction   paying the requisite fees
  Apply through the above instruction   paying the requisite fees   42
  No. of Institutions   69 (Institution List enclosed)
  Valuation Center   01 (Bangalore)
  No. of Candidates :   8500


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