1.1 The department of Women and Child Development in Bellary district working for the welfare, rehabilitation and development of women and children. The children are covered under integrated child development programme and also provision is made to protect them in correctional institutions. Various schemes are also in operation for the development of women by Women Development Corporation The schemes of the department of disabled welfare are also operated by this department at district level.


1.2 The national policy for children, 1974 is founded on the conviction that child development programs are necessary to ensure equality of opportunity to these children. So, integrated child development service was launched on 2nd October 1975, in persuance of the said policy. It is a powerful out reach programs to help and to achieve major national nutrition and health goals embodied in the national plan of action for children. It provides increased opportunities for providing early development, associated with improved enrolment and retention in the early primary stage and releasing girls from burden of sibling care to reduce the I.M.R.(Infant Mortality Rate).


2.1 Correctional Institutions

There are four correctional Institutions working in Bellary city out of them three institutions viz. (1) Juvenile Home ( Senior ) (2) Juvenile Home ( Junior ) and ( 3) Observation Home, are running under the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act 1986 and another institution viz Stree Seva Niketana for women is running under the Act suppression of immoral Traffic in women. One Institution for Deaf and Dumb boys is also running. In all these Institutions Women and Children are provided, security, basic necessaries of food, shelter, clothing and also they are receiving education and training in several crafts.

2.2 Integrated Child Development Scheme

In Bellary district, ICDS is covered in 7 taluks with 8 blocks in 7 rural areas and one block in Bellary urban area. The objectives of the schemes are following :

a) To improve the nutritional and health status of children in a age group of 0-6 years.

b) To lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of child.

c) To reduce the infant mortality, morability, mal nutrition and school dropouts.

d) To enhance the capability of the mother to look after the normal health and nutrition needs through nutrition and health education.

2.3 The department provides the following package of services :

    1. Providing supplementary nutrition.
    2. Providing immunisation, vitamin A and folic acid.
    3. Providing health checkup.
    4. Providing referral services
    5. Providing nutrition and health education through camps
    6. Pre-school education to children under age group of 0-6 years. 2.3 State Sector Schemes

This department under state sector provide several schemes benefits to rural women and girls like attendance scholarship for rural girls to encourage them for higher education, financial assistance to law graduates women for under going training and job oriented schemes to rural girls and also runs hostel for rural girls and loan schemes like Vikasini ,Udyogini, Mane Belaku ,etc to women where-in marketing shed and loan is provided to strengthen women economically.


2.4 Taluka Panchayat schemes implemented through Zilla Panchayat are following :

    1. Namma Magalu Namma Shakti – This scheme provides Rs.2500/- insurance facility to girl child at the age of 5 years and from 6th year the girl will get annual dividend on the deposit and at the age of 18 years she will receive lumpsum of Rs.4,410 is provided she is un-married. This scheme aims at discouraging early marriages.
    2. Widow and Devadasi Re-marriage scheme in rural areas.
    3. Maintenance of nine destitute cottages wherein food shelter, clothing bedding, is provided for destitute school going children.
    4. Also runs creches for working mothers in Bellary Urban and Rural areas.
    5. Maintenance grants to Mahila Mandals etc.

2.5 Central Sector Schemes

1.National Maternity Benefit Scheme - This scheme is sponsored by Central Government and it is implemented by the department at District Level through ICDS projects. Under this scheme Rs.500-00 is paid in one installment to Women under pregnancy to meet her delivery expenses. It may also be paid after delivery. The benefit is admissible for the first two births. 2.Balika Samrudhi Yojana :Under this scheme Rs.500/will be given to the nursing mother of a girl child belonging to BPL families .This is limited to 2 female live births.



Sl No




ICDS Projects



Anganawadi centres






Anganawadi Buildings
  • Department Owned
  • Others




** Includes 32 ongoing works


4. PROPOSALS FOR 2001-2002:

Sl No

Programme and Head of Account


Rs. In lakhs

Explanatory Note

1 Nutrition program for Pre-school children


154.00 lakhs

This Head of Account consists Nutrition Program for children in 5 projects for children of 0-6 years. No.of beneficiaries are 61502 ( single food ) pregnant women, Nursing mothers adolescent girls, anganawadi workers and helpers the total number comes to 11107 ( Double food ). The expenditure for single food is Rs.1.25 and double food at Rs.2.50 . The budget allocation of Rs.154.00 lacs along with Rs.56.00 lakhs provision under SCP and Rs15.00 lakhs provision under TSP is expected to be sufficient for feeding programme as per present attendance level of beneficiaries and current year allocation.


Payment of Additional Honorarium to Anganawadi workers and Helpers



This head consists the additional honorarium to 1372 Anganawadi workers at Rs. 250/- and to 1372 Helpers at Rs.125/- per month


Namma Magalu Namma Shakthi



The financial assistance ofRs. 2500/- is proposed per girl child to be paid to the LIC which helps the child at the age of 18. Target fixed for 2001-2002 is 280 beneficiaries.


CSS of Integrated child Development Services 2235-02-102-0-55


Under this Head of account budget allocation includes staff salary. Office expenditure and Honorarium of Anganawadi workers and helpers of 8 ICDS projects, 4 primary Health centres ( strengthening staff ) and one ICDS cell at District office. Total sanctioned post of the district is 147 ( Excluding Anganawadi workers and Helpers ) Out of that 79 posts are filled and 68 posts are vacant.


Devadasi and widow Re-marriages



This head of account provides Rs.10000/- for widow remarriages and Rs.5,000/- for devadasi marriages for target of 24 beneficiaries.



*This includes the budget for Nutrition programme of Rs. 154.00 lakh.



Women and Child Development Department is implementing the schemes the disabled welfare, providing tricycle to physically handicapped persons who are above 18 years, scholarships to handicapped students, mobility sticks and Braille watches to blind persons, hearing aids to deaf and dumb, training programs like " Hosa Hejje " to disabled persons through NGO in Bellary district. It also provided loan schemes like Adhara to Physically handicapped to strengthen them economically.This is a scheme of providing identification cards to PH persons.


Women and Child Development Department also carries out women development corporation schemes like training programmes and financial assistance to women through Mahila Mandals, training cum production schemes, loans schemes like Udyogini, Vikasini, Mane Belaku etc to strengthen women economically.