1.1 Maintenance of Pre matric boys & girls Hostels- There are 35 Pre matric hostels in this district with a total strength of 1795. These students are given free boarding at Rs.400 per student per month. Besides this they are provided with free lodging free uniform dress books and stationery.

1.2 Maintenance of existing Tailoring training centres and opening of new Tailoring Training Centres - Two Tailoring training centres are functioning the District, one in Bellary and another in H.B.Halli. Every year 20 women are trained in each centre. They are paid monthly stipend of Rs. 300 and free sewing machines are given to them after completion of the training. During the year 2000-2001 Rs.4.00 lakh had been provided for training 40 women. So for Rs.0.85 lakh has been spent.

1.3 Ashram Schools for NT’s and SNT’s - There are 5 Ashram schools under this scheme. Students studying in 1st Standard to 4th standard are admitted in these schools . They are provided free boarding and lodging at a cost of Rs.250 per month per student. They are also provided free books and stationery and uniform dresses. To provide free boarding and lodging facilities in theses Ashram Schools for 175 students an amount of Rs.4.15 lakhs has been spent under Non-Plan

1.4 Post-Matric Hostels - There are 7 Post matric hostels in this district, with a total strength of 375 students. At Rs.450 per month per student towards boarding charges. 375 students are being benefited under this scheme and they are proveded d free boarding and lodging facilities. So far Rs.8.27 lakhs has been spent under this scheme.

1.5 Sanction of G.I.A. to private orphanages - 4 Orphanages are being run by Private management’s in this district at Rs.150 per orphan per month for boarding charges. During the year 1999-2000 an amount of Rs.5.22 lakhs has been provided and 205 orphans are benefited under this scheme in this district.

1.6 Sanction of Pre-Matric scholarships - Pre-Matric scholarships is sanctioned at the rate of Rs.75 per student per annum for the students studying in the standards 5th to 7th and at the rate of Rs. 100 per student in standards 8th to 10th . During the year Rs. 20.95 lakhs has been provided and 23900 students are going to be benefited.

1.7 Post Matric Scholarships - Post-Matric Scholarships at Rs.300 per student per annum for general courses and Rs.400-00 and 500 per student per annum for those studying in professional courses such as Engineering and Medical. During the year 1999-2000 an amount of Rs.17.20 lakhs has been provided. About 5900 students will be benefited under this scheme.

1.8 E.B.L. charges for the category ‘A’ Students – Under this scheme students belong to category –‘A’, studying in post Matric courses a monthly E.B.L. charges of Rs.200 per student is provided. During the year 1999-2000 a sum of Rs.2.59 lakhs has been provided and about 150 students will be benefited.

1.9 Fee Concession – During the year 2000-2001 a sum of 23.91 lakhs has been provided under this scheme. Backward class student whose parents annual income does not be exceed Rs.11,000 are eligible for this benefit. About 11180 students will be benefited.

1.10 Sanction of stipend for typewriting and Stenography students- An amount of Rs.0.24 lakhs has been provided under this scheme for the year 2000-2001 at Rs.50.00 per student per month. Around 44 students will be benefited , under this scheme.

1.11 Sanction of Grant to Hostels run by Minorities - Under this scheme 3 institutions run by Minorities in Bellary and Hospet are being sanctioned boarding charges at Rs.350- 00 per month per boarder.. During 1999-2000 145 students at a cost of Rs.5,07,500 will be benefited.

1.12 Training to the Law Graduates - Under this scheme law Graduates belonging to the Backward Classes will be provided Rs. 1000 per month as stiffened. As amount of Rs. 1.52 has been provided under this scheme and so far Rs.0.64 has been spent.

1.13 Navodaya Model Residential School has been started by the Government (BCM Dept) during 1995-96 in Modlaghatta village, Hadagali Taluk for the benefit of the meritorious students of the rural areas. In this school provision is made for studies for 5th standard to 10th standard. 40 students during 1995-96 , 40 students during 1996-97 , 40 students during 1997-98 40 students during 1998-99 have been admitted to 5th standard. These students are provided free boarding, lodging, Uniform, besides free Education etc., Rs.30.00 lakhs has been provided and 240 students have been benefited and Rs.11.00 has been spent so far.

1.14 BellaBelaku – Under this programme very poor people belonging to backward classes category-I living in villages are provided civic amenities, such as shelter, sanitation etc., For Mutkur village of H.B.Halli an amount of Rs.20.35 lakhs has been spent and 58 beneficiaries have been provided with basic civic amenities and the same programme has been continued. Total Rs.20.35 lakhs have been spent for the above works..

1.15 Religious Minorities students studying in ITI /Diploma are paid Rs.150 per month as stipend under this scheme.

1.16 Starting of New Pre-Matric Hostels – The programme taken up under State sector in 1999-2000 under which 2 hostels at Sonna(HB HALLI-Pre metric-Girls) and 1 post metric hostel at Hadagali is sanctioned.

1.17 Women Welfare Centres – There are 3 women Welfare Centre’s in the District. Children below 5 years are provided nutrition. 150 children below the age of 5 years are benefited. Rs.1-00 per child per day is spent. The Women Welfare organizers in the Centres help and guide pregnant women and children in getting medical attention and cleanliness, hygiene etc. An amount of Rs.0.78 lakh has been provided for this year.


2. PROPOSALS FOR 2001-2002:

Sl . No

Schemes & Head of Account

Amount (Rs. in Lakh)



Ashrama Schools



To provide boarding and lodging at Rs.250/ p.m. and other facilities such as uniform etc.


Maintenance of Post metric hostels for boys and girls



To provide boarding and lodging at Rs450/ p.m. and other facilities such as uniform etc


Construction of BCM Hostel Buildings and Repairs.



For maintenance and repairs of 24 department/hostel buildings.


New Pre-Metric hostels.



There are 8 BCM hostels (37Posts) with 400 beneficiaries functioning in the district.


Birth Anniversary of Sri.D.Devararaj Urs and Seminar on 15 Point Programme



Provision is made to conduct seminars and awareness programme @ 1 per taluka.


Pre-Matric Hostels



There 13 BCM Hostels (54 Posts – 7 vacant with 625 beneficiaries functioning in this district. These students are provided free boarding and lodging and other facilities.


Tailoring training Centres



Two TTCs are functioning in this district, one at Bellary and another at H.B.Halli with total beneficiaries of 40.


Incentive to Hostlers



For 2001-2002 an amount of Rs.0.20 lakh proposed for giving incentives to Hostlers those who will pass in 1st class in Public examinations.


Stipend to Advocates



To sanction stipend to 25 Law graduates at Rs.1000/ p.m. for 10 months.

10 Improvement of Hostels.



For 2001-2002 an amount of Rs.5.00 lakh has been proposed for replacement of utensils and Bedding materials in Pre and Post Matric Hostels.