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Bellary Zilla Panchayat is located in the back drop of Historic Bellary fort which is an important landmark of Bellary City and the Zilla Panchayat office consists of the old District Board offices and the newly built administrative block and a Independent conference hall.

Official Structure:

For smooth functioning & administration of the Zilla Panchayat office , an officer designated as "Chief Executive Officer" is appointed by the state government to carry out administration of Zilla Panchayat. The rank of Chief Executive Officer is not below the rank of Deputy Commissioner of a district. Chief Executive Officer is designated head of department for all the department offices within the Zilla Panchayat. He is assisted in the discharge of his duties by Senior Officers in the Zilla Panchayat .

Deputy Secretary (Administration)
Deputy Secretary (Development)
Chief Accounts Officer
Chief Planning Officer
Council Secretary

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. H. V. Parswanath, I.A.S
Contact No.'s:
The work of Zilla Panchayat can be divided into following sections:

Administration Section : Headed by Deputy Secretary(Admn.). This section is concerned with the establishment issues and general administration of all the departments within Zilla Panchayat.
Shri. Hanumanthappa K.A.S,
Deputy Secretary (Admn),
Contact Nos.:
Office- (08392)-74153,
Residence (08392)-74303

Development Section : Headed by Deputy Secretary(Dev). This section is concerned with execution of all rural development schemes, water supply schemes, Minor irrigation works, road works.

Shri. Shellikeri K.A.S,
Deputy Secretary (Dev),
Contact Nos.:
Office- (08392)-72556,
Residence (08392)-73850

Accounts Section:
Headed by Chief Accounts Officer, This section is responsible for receipts and releases of funds regarding all departments and various development schemes. Also this section is involved in taking up audit of all the departments coming under Zilla Panchayat.
Shri. M.B. Patil,
Chief Accounts Officer,
Contact Nos.:
Office- (08392)-72572,
Residence (08392)-40119

Planning Section:
Headed by Chief Planning Officer, This section looks after formulation of Draft Annual Plan, formulation of action plan for different development schemes & monitoring & evaluation of schemes.
Shri. V.S. Reddy,
Chief Planning Officer,
Contact Nos.:
Office- (08392)-73473,
Residence (08392)-72133
Council Section:
Headed by Council Secretary, This section is concerned with recording the deliberations of Zilla Panchayat and various standing committees, It also follows up on various decisions taken therein & other issues regarding the Zilla Panchayat members.
Shri. Annadanaiah,
Council Secretary,
Contact Nos.:
Office- (08392)-74635,