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National Informatics Centre (NIC)

National Informatics Centre (NIC) was established in 1976, and has since emerged as a "prime builder" of e-Government / e-Governance applications up to the grassroots level as well as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development. NIC, through its ICT Network, "NICNET", has institutional linkages with all the Ministries /Departments of the Central Government, 35 State Governments/ Union Territories, and about 625 District administrations of India. NIC has been instrumental in steering e-Government/e-Governance applications in government ministries/departments at the Centre, States, Districts and Blocks, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency, promoting decentralized planning and management, resulting in better efficiency and accountability to the people of India. "Informatics-led-development" programme of the government has been spearheaded by NIC to derive competitive advantage by implementing ICT applications in social & public administration.

    The following major activities are being undertaken:

  • Setting up of ICT Infrastructure
  • Implementation of National and State Level e-Governance Projects
  • Products and Services
  • Consultancy to the government departments
  • Research and Development
  • Capacity Building

NIC has set up state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure consisting of National and state Data Centres to manage the information systems and websites of Central Ministries/Departments, Disaster Recovery Centres, Network Operations facility to manage heterogeneous networks spread across Bhawans, States and Districts, Certifying Authority, Video-Conferencing and capacity building across the country. National Knowledge Network (NKN) has been set up to connect institutions/organizations carrying out research and development, Higher Education and Governance with speed of the order of multi Gigabits per second. Further, State Government secretariats are connected to the Central Government by very high speed links on Optical Fibre Cable (OFC). Districts are connected to respective State capitals through leased lines


National Informatics Centre, started its State Unit (NIC-KSU) at Bengaluru in 1987. NIC has entered into an MOU with Government of Karnataka and is actively involved in the computerisation activities of State/Central Government Departments, Public Sector Enterprises and other Autonomous organisations. The broad range of service include system study, design, coding, testing, training, implementation, software maintenance and handholding support.Turnkey projects including campus networking and NICNET connectivity. NKN Super-PoP in Karnataka has extended connectivity to more than 100+ Institutes in Karnataka and neighbouring States

By establishing NICNET covering majority of the Departments in Government of Karnataka in Bengaluru and the 30 districts, it has enabled 'district- state date flow' and thus compiled database on most of the socio-economic sectors of development, delivering critical information at each of the 30 districts and the state as a whole. It has provided state-of-the-art solutions to the e-Governance and decision support requirements of the State and Central Government departments.

NIC-KSU is equipped with the Mini Data Centre having one terra byte of disk space with nine servers of heterogeneous operating systems and RDBMS. In addition, it is also equipped with SUN SPARC and Ultra servers, Systems of current and latest Configurations for the software development teams, Latest multimedia systems, State of the art Routers Switches, Master Control Units, Gigabit Core links with Megabit end user leased line Networks, 24 x 7 NOC, SUS services for all the systems on the network to ensure secured and clean traffic. Desktop and studio based multisite video conference systems, connecting all metros and major cities in the country enables the virtual meetings on the fly.

High speed leased links with State of the art Routers and switches are used to connect District NIC Centres seamlessly with the State Centre. Multiple high speed Network with redundancy connects the State Data Centre and the KSWAN of the State Government of Karnataka. High speed networks are extended to the Secretariat, High Court of Karnataka, Rajbhavan and many other Government Departments like Education, Agriculture, UIDAI, CM’s Residence Office and Institutes under various NIC Projects